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Moving to Hugo

Nov 10, 2014
Inspired by (or directly ripping off, depending on how you want to phrase it) Kieran Healy’s post about migrating to Hugo, I have decided to do the same. Like Healy, I was frustrated with the build times of Octopress, and a somewhat inconvenient wine spill had made recovering my Octopress installation a little bit more difficult than it was worth. I have essentially used Healy’s modifications to the Hyde theme, with a few small tweaks here and there.


Jun 15, 2010
In honor of our fourth wedding anniversary: I started off living in Atlanta very near the Fernbank, then moved two miles or so east. By the time this picture was taken, Clancy and I were living in a rented house not very far at all from a northeasternish curve of the perimeter. It was a woody circle, and a gnome lived next door.

Concrete Patio

May 27, 2010
Whenever I read a book in my field, the first thing I ask myself is if the author happened to demolish a concrete patio (and sidewalk) with a ten-pound sledgehammer during its composition. The answer is usually no. I’ve made a number of enemies in the inanimate object kingdom over the years, but rebar now rules over them all. This captures stage two of the enterprise, the shoveling of particulate concrete matter into a wheelbarrow, then to be wheeled precariously a hundred yards to a dumpster and re-shoveled.


Mar 26, 2006
I’m back from my first-ever Four Cs in Chicago, and I wanted to let the sporting world know that I would have bet unlimited amounts of money on UCLA at halftime of the Gonzaga game. Despite being down by fifteen or however many it was, I was certain that there were going to come back and win, though I was a bit startled by how close it actually was. I’d like to see Morrison coming off the bench for Phoenix next year, though I don’t think that’s likely; and I’m not sure how successful he’s going to be otherwise.

Dear UK Readers

Mar 11, 2006
I’ve noticed that when a stage magician with my name is on your television, I get hundreds of google searches from you. Though I doubt you will find much of what you’re looking for here, I do want to mention that I’m working my way through all the volumes of Lynn Thorndike’s A History of Magic and Experimental Science, which is not the same thing at all.

Congratulations to Michael Hofmann

Apr 26, 2005
Poet and translator Michael Hofmann of the University of Florida was recently elected to the Academy of Arts and Sciences. I’m quite confident that he’s the only member with whom I’ve drunk beer.

Story Logic

Apr 16, 2005
My review-essay, “Cognitive Storyworlds,” on David Herman’s Story Logic appears in the 38.1 edition of Style. Here’s a paragraph which touches upon one of my current research interests: One immediate example of this is what might be termed the ontological properties of narrative for Herman. What is the relation between narrative and language? The answer is that language is an “interface between narrative and cognition” (5). Whereas the theories of language and narrative are both modular components of cognitive science, language itself is not an autonomous cognitive function but is anterior to narrative.

Zizek Reminder

Mar 20, 2005
Half the Slovenian government seems to have studied Lacan at the university, including the former General Secretary of the ruling party, Gregor Golobic, who wrote, for his thesis at the University of Ljubljana, a Lacanian critique of the philosophy of Cratylus. (“He is my best friend! I love him!” Zizek says. “He is the future Slovene Stalin. He is a man of power. He is the kind of guy who, when I am in his office and talking with him and a minister calls, he says to the minister, ‘Fuck off, I don’t have time to talk to you.