I am an Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

I mainly work on twentieth-century British literature. I have written articles on Olaf Stapledon, John Cowper Powys, John le Carré, James Joyce, and Wyndham Lewis. I also am interested in film and television and have published essays on the work of David Lynch, David Milch, and Shane Carruth.

My other main area of research involves computational approaches in the humanities. I co-edited (with John Holbo) a book on Franco Moretti’s Graphs, Maps, Trees. An article that uses topic-modeling to map disciplinary history was co-written with John Laudun for The Journal of American Folklore. Most of my other computational work on topic modeling and citation-network analysis appears on this web site, and it is indexed here.

I am currently writing a book about how developments in statistics and probability affected cultural representations of social risk and individual exceptionalism in twentieth-century British literature. My interest in quantitative methods in the humanities at present also informs this project.

A full list of my publications (with links to the complete articles where available) is available here.