Sun Mar 26, 2006

I’m back from my first-ever Four Cs in Chicago, and I wanted to let the sporting world know that I would have bet unlimited amounts of money on UCLA at halftime of the Gonzaga game. Despite being down by fifteen or however many it was, I was certain that there were going to come back and win, though I was a bit startled by how close it actually was. I’d like to see Morrison coming off the bench for Phoenix next year, though I don’t think that’s likely; and I’m not sure how successful he’s going to be otherwise.

Our [UPDATE: Per the original thread, I no longer believe there’s a satisfactory construction here] panel was well attended, and we were fortunate to have interesting discussions afterwards. Either then or elsewhen during the conference, I met for the first time many blogging folks: Collin Brooke, Jenny Edbauer (even though I’m a, what was it, “hot-air litwad?”), Mike Edwards, Derek Mueller, Dennis Jerz (fellow interactive-fiction enthusiast), Samantha Blackmon, jo(e), Steven Krause, Charlie Lowe, Bradley Bleck, Sharon Gerald, and several others whose names and/or blogs I can’t immediately remember. In addition, I saw old-timers such as Bradley Dilger, Jeff Rice, and Brendan Riley, whose highly entertaining presentation I also got to see.

I intend to clean up the paper I presented on blogging and academic scholarship and post it here before too long.