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Darko Suvin's Genres of Victorian SF Revisited

Oct 17, 2016
Engaging Preliminaries When I wrote my last post about modeling Darko Suvin’s genres of Victorian science fiction, I did not have access to Suvin’s comprehensive bibliography. What can I say? The Louisiana State Library loaned me theirs, but it took a few days. I was forced to model the texts that Suvin claimed were not science fiction. While I could guess what many of the books that Suvin would admit to the Victorian SF canon were, I preferred to wait until I could see them in cold print before gathering them.

Modeling Darko Suvin's Genres of Science Fiction

Sep 30, 2016
You can’t go far in reading about science fiction’s genres without encountering the work of Darko Suvin. His Metamorphoses of Science Fiction is among the most widely cited and influential works in the field. Suvin published a reference work devoted to Victorian SF after that: Victorian Science Fiction in the UK. Two related articles appeared in Science Fiction Studies in 1979 and 1980: “On What Is and Is Not an SF Narration; With a List of 101 Victorian Books That Should Be Excluded from SF Bibliographies” and “Seventy-Four More Victorian Books That Should Be Excluded from Science Fiction Bibliographies”.

Query re Fictions of Revealed Science

Feb 6, 2005
My logs tell me that the readers of this site comprise five people and fifty robots, so I figured I’d call upon their vast store of knowledge to ask the following question: what novels (or other) can you think of that depict a society in which enlightenment epistemological principles have been supplanted by revelationism but, paradoxically or accidentally, scientific progress has still continued? Dune seems like a maybe here, and I can’t think of anything else right now.