The Second Half

Wed Apr 30, 2008

I suppose I might as well liveblog the last half of the game, very likely the Suns’ last half of the season.

Barkley is surely correct about going to Diaw in the post taking the Suns out of their offense, and also surely correct about Stoudemire fading when he doesn’t get enough shots. What is to be done?

I would like to see them attack in the second half in the zany style we remember from yesteryear.

I think they should bring Strawberry off the bench to guard Parker. Just to bump him hard several times, and also hack Thomas and Oberto. That halftime scene did not much impress me.

“With him and Amare Stoudemire,” Doug.

What was Finley complaining about there? I guess the evil genius hypothesis is that Popovich, by assigning Finley to Diaw, is tempting Phoenix to disrupt their offense. When he doesn’t give up, Nash is a surprisingly effective one-on-one defender of quick point guards in the paint. I saw him disrupt one of Iverson’s drives late in the game at Denver. The trouble is, of course, is that he usually gives up if he can’t position himself for a charge.

Finley’s always been on Diaw, Kevin. We’ve covered this. An agile play from O’Neal there. Nash is having a terrible shooting night.

How many times does Duncan get blocked and calmly recover the ball and put it back while everyone stands around watching?

Shaq, startled by the John Cougar, pokes Duncan in the eye. I forgive him.

Where did I read that Duncan plays D&D;? I could see him making that “what me?” face after failing a saving throw. Every damn time.

Idoka with four fouls. That’s portentous. Giricek’s +9 right now.

A baby-change intervenes. Can the Suns sustain this precarious lead? I like Thomas on the line. Don’t like Diaw with four fouls. Not a shooting foul, as it turns out. Clean foul, Doug. That wasn’t even close to a fragrant. Kidd on Pargo the other night, yes.

That alley-oop looked like it was headed in. All timeouts are good timeouts. First rule of broadcasting. Henry seems to be regarding the proceedings with mild dyspepsia. Poor Carl Orff. Well, not really, but still. At least I’ll have the Hawks for two more games.

I’m not that worried about O’Neal having five fouls. It’s somewhat amazing that the Suns are in this with Nash shooting 2-11 at this point. Shaq’s playing very well right now. Spry.

I never have a good feeling about the Suns’ chances in situations like these, especially against San Antonio. But at least they’re making it competitive. I think New Orleans can beat the Spurs. (I was just going to use “jerry-built,” and then wondered if it were ethnically insensitive. Seems to originate from the Mersey, so I guess not.)

That’s not how you want to lose it, certainly. First one was a clean steal, second was Stoudemire’s bobbling, third was Diaw just throwing it away.

What a truly horrible end.