Telepathic Rumors of Jack London's Death Substantiated; Items

Sun Oct 9, 2005

Upton Sinclair published Mental Radio in 1930, a curious work describing his wife’s telepathic abilities. There are more drawings and transmitted drawings per page than you’ll find in in the average Sinclair. There’s a mention of the late professor Quackenbos of Columbia, author of many books on hypnotism (32), and a description of how Craig, his wife, became worried about Jack London on a trip to California. Two days later they read of his death (22-3).

Noted items:

  • Byrne, Ruth M. J. The Rational Imagination. MIT, 2005.

Contains much discussion of counterfactual imagination.

  • Gai and Chu. Private Sector Involvement and International Financial Crises. Oxford, 2005.

Of perennial interest.

  • Cumane, Stephen C. Survival of the Fattest: The Key to Human Brain Evolution. World Scientific, 2005.

Put me in mind of Gilman’s related work. Recent research about metabolic regulatory properties of fat, cultural metaphors, etc.