Such Simple Pleasures

Fri Nov 3, 2006

A copy of Jean Ray’s Malpertuis arrived today, and I also had the flounder siciliana at the finest Italian restaurant in Bethel, NC (La Cassetta, I recommend it)—flounder being one of the many toothsome fishes I did not catch on my recent outing. There are apparently some Pacific islands and perhaps also places on the Indonesian archipelago where you can catch marlin from the shore. Or could. There won’t be any fish left to harvest from the ocean in fifty years according to the day’s news.

I’m teaching “Roman Fever” (goes well with “Daisy Miller”) and “Goblin Market” tomorrow (in different classes, though together would be something, Babs being an angel with rainbow wings…), and I had a search referrer for “history of Jonathan Goodwin,” which topic I’m glad to see there’s continuing interest in. I’ll try to give an outline over the next few days, similar in content to the relevant scene from Heist.