Success in Croaker Fishing; Lem's Chain of Chance

Sun Nov 26, 2006

I did happen to catch and release a croaker considerably larger than the one pictured below, but I chose not to photograph it so as not to compromise the considerable dignity of that aged fish. It was then caught and eaten by a mocking otter.

I’m also catching up on the Litvinenko news and theories, and I have wondered what the odds are that it was a situation similar to that described in Lem’s book. Given the origin of polonium-210, I’d suppose that’d be nearly impossible; but that’s just the kind of one-thousandeth of a percent doctrine Lem invoked. Perhaps there’s been research into applied tychomancy. I also enjoy the logical abyss of spiraling motivations brought on by this case, which I should separate from the quite-real horror of both how he died and (if true) that which he wrote about.