South Korea and the Clancy Perplex

Tue Dec 14, 2004

Via Watercooler Games, I see this notice that the South Korean government, or at least that portion of the government responsible for regulating video games, which might be rather large, considering, has decided that most certainly something obstat in the way of Ghost Recon 2.

The game is apparently set in a war-torn North Korea of 2007, which is what was found objectionable. I’m strongly opposed to most any form of censorship you can imagine, but I’m having trouble uniformly condemning their decision. Perhaps the South Korean government might be forgiven for being sensitive about American cultural products which seem to advocate the inevitability of a war with their neighbor that will be destructive beyond imagining, especially as U.S. foreign policy is seen by many Korean observers as advocating the same.

I wonder how they would react to a recon-oriented game which involved picking through the toxic-shelled and possibly radioactive rubble of Seoul looking for bits of the dead to bury? Would that fit in with the general mood of the Clancy franchise?