Some Continued Implausibilities in The Straw Men

Sun Feb 15, 2009
  • No chance that a Post-Church Commission CIA hires the protagonist.

  • Little chance that the SAC who gives Nina a ride drives a Lexus.

  • All internet sleuthing—very shaky.

  • The mix-tape that Bobby comes up with.

  • Confusion about the effects of heavy metal exposure.

  • The various overt references to Thomas Harris and The X-Files only highlight the deficiencies in this story-world’s internal coherence, while apparently intending to do the opposite.

  • Bobby as a character—his motivation in diegetic terms versus his obvious narrative function (information dumping).

It would be fascinating, I think, to track the editorial changes in this MS and others in the genre. I doubt that the Thomas Harris books were heavily edited, for example, at least not in major plot terms; but I suspect that this one may have been.