Fri Feb 22, 2008

I’ve made a couple of comments here, at Crooked Timber, and The Valve, more or less in jest, over the last two years or so about how I thought that The Invention of Morel was the key to all of Lost’s mythologies. Well, if I’m not mistaken, Sawyer was puzzling over a copy of it in tonight’s episode.

I strongly suspect that ABC employs a fleet of young nerds to scour the internet for conversation about its programming, and that comment (or one like it; I rather doubt I was the first person) caught someone’s eye, a copy of the New York Review books edition was purchased, and it made its way up the prop-chain.

A bit of preliminary googling reveals quite a bit of Morel-related speculation, but I didn’t see any that predated my 4/3/06 Crooked Timber comment or my 206 mention here. Ha!