One of Mr. G's Decans

Mon Sep 12, 2005

Painting by 'Mr. G,' described in case history by William

From William Noyes’ “Paranoia. A Study of the Evolution of Systematized Delusions of Grandeur.” The American Journal of Psychology 2.3 (May, 1889): 349-375.

A quote from his writings:

Water contains just the same subtle qualities today as it did when Christ changed the water into wine at the marriage of Cana. But we should be careful how we use it, for if you mix with it other than good thoughts and thankfulness, it will produce no wine in your jar, but, on the contrary, something very much resembling poison it its action. It is not what we eat and drink that hurts, but what we mix with it from our own internal infernal economy.

He also has a discussion of the Greek deities that sounds similar to Kierkegaard’s description of them as “the aesthetic embodiments of pure force” (quote from memory, likely not exact). An educated paranoid, Mr. G.

Since I’ve been on an interactive fiction jaunt as of late, I was reminded here slightly of Slouching towards Bedlam. Will shortly investigate how Mr. G’s case was compared with Schreber’s.