Noted Items

Tue Aug 23, 2005

From Videodrome and the library, here are some noted items:


Rented both Sin City and Primer. Am interested in renting The Machinist and Sea Lab 2021 Season Three. May write review of Miller’s The Dark Knight Strikes Again for the Valve.


  • Koestler, Arthur. The Act of Creation. Full of ideas, this one.

  • Ritner, The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice. Think about use of hieroglyph in contemporary design.

  • Agamben, “Walter Benjamin and the Demonic: Happiness and Historical Redemption.” Potentialities.

  • Williams, George Hunston. The Radical Reformation. Some light background reading.

  • Gabor, Dennis. Inventing the Future. Futurist with accomplishments.

  • Marcus, Greil. Lipstick Traces. Have somehow not yet read this, I discovered.