Missed Our Local Inland Empire Screening

Thu Mar 22, 2007

I see, so I’ll have to wait until next month and drive to Williamsburg to see it. I noticed that it somehow made it to Gainesville. By “local,” I mean “Raleigh,” of course.

I read Hamann’s Socratic Memorabilia yesterday in O’Flaherty’s impressive scholarly edition. That “Uebersetzer” means both “ferryman” and “translator” and thus lends itself to Charonic puns was a tidbit I’d heretofore not consumed. I’d like to write my own scholarship in something like Hamann’s style, though sadly this is not feasible. Metaschematics is as fine a method as we have in literary studies, though I’m not sure how many practitioners there are. Derrida, in a way. Blanchot. Early Bloom. Rieff.

The unaware reference to Hamann throughout as “Magus,” however, is difficult to accept stylistically.

Last night’s episode of Lost interested me a bit, largely because I’m writing something on Roadside Picnic. Briefly, I don’t think the ending is fantastic as such or fairy-talish as it is ordinarily assumed to be (even by such an astute reader as Lem, whose essay on the book is a fine piece of speculative philology). I believe that Odd John has influenced David Foster Wallace’s “Another Pioneer,” which I take to be the least-understood/appreciated story in Oblivion. I mention only because I have some faith that the writers might yet make some element of coherence out of Lost by using this cultish Gale as such a messianic mutant figure. We’ll see.