Favorite Sopranos Malapropism/Items

Sat Jan 28, 2006

“Dysentery in the ranks” (4.4). Combines foreshadowing and appealing ludicrousness.

Read yesterday:

  • Horsley, Lee. Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction. (Oxford: 2005). Where’s the Keeler? Bonfiglioni? Banville?

  • Clarke, Lee. Worst Cases: Terror and Catastrophe in the Popular Imagination. (Chicago: 2006). Thought that Posner’s book might have warranted a bit more discussion here.

  • Phares, Walid. Future Jihad : Terrorist Strategies against America. (Palgrave: 2005). I don’t know why I kept reading this. Probably to see what the next bizarre LOTR reference would be.

Reading: Guenon, Rene. La Crise du Monde Moderne. (Gallimard: 1946 [1927]). Let this serve as a reminder to check Foucault’s Pendulum for references to Guenon and Evola, which must certainly be there.

Intend to View: The Call of Cthulhu. Dir. Andrew Leman (2005).