Even Ebert Nods

Fri Jan 19, 2007

I’ve acutally always thought that Roger Ebert is a sensible critic with good taste. I just watched Dark City, however, and I’m surprised by the extent to which he overpraises it. To me, it seemed a dull exercise in neo-gnosticism (pick a PKD volume at random, almost, for a more intellectually intriguing treatment of the theme); and Kiefer Sutherland’s performance was so annoying that I’ve begun to question my faith in Jack Bauer’s ability to lead us through the current crisis. Well, no. Naming his character “Schreber” is like fumbling at a girdle. Had the Jude Law character thought that the sun was turning him into a woman, then that would have been something less marketable to Crow’s audience.

This is more snobbish than I tend to be, I suppose. Disappointment. I had expected great things.