Jeder fuer sich und Gott gegen alle and the Lingua Adamica

Fri Dec 17, 2004

The dissection of Hauser’s brain in the final scene of this film reveals unusual development in the cerebrum, and Hauser’s murder is clearly the rage of Caliban at seeing himself in the mirror. Though the idea of a human deprived of language and being reintegrated into the society is fairly common, are they instances of the reverse–of a lingual explorer finding a small colony or tribe of non-speaking humans?

Did Leibniz, Bruno, Wilkins, Boehme, et al, have any interest in the feral human? Would such a being be infused with traces at least of the original tongue, of the ability to sense things’ true names? Cf. Hal’s state at the end/beginning of Infinite Jest and the story “Another Pioneer” in Oblivion. Also Auster’s The New York Trilogy.