Complaint about Social Bookmarking; Interesting Book; Why I Am Waiting on Something Available for a Macintosh, Does This Not Subvert the Natural Order?

Sat Aug 13, 2005

Neither nor have allowed me to register for their services. I don’t expect I’m missing something. I just never get to where I’m able to add the bookmarklet. None dare call it treason.

Via Grand Text Auto, I found Florian Cramer’s Word Made Flesh, a book that seems to touch upon several of my more obscure research interests at the moment. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to post more about it later.

Reading, as I sometimes do, Andrew Plotkin’s site, I came across his review of Rhem 2, which convinced me to download the demo. Said demo intrigued me, to say the least, and I immediately ordered the game on Amazon. That was August 1st. It still hasn’t shipped, and it’s been available for convenient download on the Mac since July I’m guessing. What manner of madness is this?